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A Sone who's slaying by 9 goddesses and loving it so much.

140317 Healing Camp - Taeyeon's Confession

Kim Jaedong: Because Taeyeon entered the industry in her 20s, we heard that she felt puberty hit her later.
Taeyeon: I made my debut at the age of 19 and with back to back promotions, I spent my days not knowing how the day went by and what do you know, a year, two years would pass by just like that. At times, I forget how old I am. I felt as if I stopped at 21.
Lee Kyungkyu: Your age?
Taeyeon: Yes. So when people ask me how old I will be this year, it's to the point where I have to think about it because I can't remember.
Tiffany: (Whispers) 26.
Taeyeon: Yes, I'm 26.
Sung Yuri: You still seem like such a baby.
Taeyeon: And then we had a year-long hiatus. During that hiatus, I had a lot of time to think to myself that the emptiness gave me. My personality type is the one to keep picking at my scars and I make myself tired from all the stress I cause.
Lee Kyungkyu: We heard you drink a lot also.
Taeyeon: Y-yes...I don't go out to drink but to help myself sleep better since I can't sleep from all the thoughts running through my mind. I don't drink heavily either, since I'm good with just a glass of beer. When I talk about these hardships with other colleagues, they'll eventually say, "Well, you're SNSD." Even when I speak to my seniors, they tell us that this is the best part of our careers which leaves me feeling as if I can't really tell someone how I feel comfortably.
Lee Kyungkyu: (To Hyoyeon) Why are you crying?
Hyoyeon: It's because I never knew that a member was having thoughts like that. She (Taeyeon) seems as if she'd tell bit by bit to other members but I wish for her to either open up a little more or tell us more, and increase her time enjoying it with the other members which I think can be a solution to her keeping everything to herself.
Taeyeon: That's really the problem with me, that if no one asks me, then I don't tell. But the thing I'm so fortunate for is to be promoting in a group. I don't really have friends or close colleagues (so SNSD is all I have).